MassGlobal Partners is a strategy and tactical advisory group committed to fostering economic development by facilitating and advancing international collaborations in science and technology

Successful commercial application of new technology is a global enterprise. Companies are relying on a network of relationships around the world to develop innovative products and services.  In today’s global and increasingly competitive environment, federal and local governments, economic development authorities, research institutions, and business groups are playing key roles in supporting and driving development in their regions. Bilateral partnerships with other regions - especially the innovation hubs in the U.S. - are critical accelerators of economic development.

Focused research and analysis of international collaboration and investment opportunities, trade missions, educational exchanges, and customized partnering events are all among key tools that can be successful catalysts for economic development.


Based in Massachusetts, in close proximity to world renowned institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Boston University and many others, MassGlobal provides a broad set of services and programs aimed at strengthening our clients’ knowledge and capabilities in technology transfer and commercialization issues, facilitating business development and financing, as well as providing access to university and research organizations in the U.S. 

We work with governments, universities, technology parks, chambers, industry associations and trade commissions in key global markets. Our partners average 25 years of experience in executive, academic; policy, financing and advisory positions and all enjoy strong personal connections at all levels in these sectors.